Making a Comeback!

Just a few feet from the patio, in the middle of the grass is a patch of pretty, white crocuses. They get stepped on, urinated on by the dogs in the park, including ours, and moved down by the landscapers.

They keep coming back. Just a few days after these resilient flowers are done in by whatever means, they reappear. First you see a bit of green coming up from the earth, then a bud forms and then low and behold a beautiful start shaped flower.

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Matters Of The Heart

Diane and I have a saying that started after our grand boys came along. We used it on them (and they would use it back if necessary) if one of them or I (Diane has complaints but never whines about anything) mumbled and groused about something.

“Whining is not attractive”

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My Aunt Hazel

When I was young My Uncle Jonah taught me about raising apples, tobacco, peaches, grooming horses and the danger of electric fences. He tried, unsuccessfully, to teach me how to milk a cow. He gave Diane and I our very first Christmas Tree. My aunt Helen, Jonah’s wife, and Diane like each other very much.

All the members of the Parker family are very special to me. Which brings me to my Aunt Hazel.

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I'm Not a Praying Man....

The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” starts with snow falling over Bedford Falls, and the sound of people engaged in fervent prayer. These prayers to God in Heaven are coming from many of George Bailey’s friends and almost all of his family.

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Gold Watch and Chain

Just after we placed our orders, I reached inside my camera bag, which I carry just about everywhere, and removed a square, aluminum foil wrapped package. It had a thick greenish cloth ribbon tied around it. I slid it across the table to Dad. He looked at it for a second or two.

“What is this? A block of chocolate?” He asked with a smile.

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The Candle

In late November of 1990 I received my December issue of Reader's Digest. I read all the humorous parts of the magazine, and one cover story and then promptly stuck it on a shelf with all the other issues that I still had in my possession. 

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