I Live In Galax.......

As many of you know Diane and I live in a motorcoach resort in the mountains of Virginia during the summer and fall. The closest town is Galax, and technically our address is in Galax.

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Four Hours From Heaven

Some if not most of us get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal, sit down for a minute and try to swallow it. We think about our day, where we have to be, what we have to do. We may or may not be happy about what is in front of us for the next ten hours or so. Our day could be boring, tiring, exciting. Who knows.

One morning after getting our two girls off to school, I found out that a one’s day could be dangerous and life threatening.

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The Field Trip

Yesterday Diane and I were watching Fox News, admittedly something I do too much, and there was a preview of the soon to be released movie Breakthrough. This new movie is about a young man, a teenager, who fell through some ice on a frozen over lank or river and was trapped under water for a very long time. He drowned I think. He had no pulse for over forty minutes. The movie, and I am not giving anything away here, is about his miraculous recovery.

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