The It's A Wonderful Life Rally

Let me tell you all something. I gave this rally a lot of thought about how we could make it special. I really wanted all our friends who attended to have more than a good time. I wanted them to feel something while there. I wanted them to feel close to their other members. I intended for this rally to use the Christmas season and the It’s a Wonderful Life story to reinforce the need for friends and family.

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Matters Of The Heart

Diane and I have a saying that started after our grand boys came along. We used it on them (and they would use it back if necessary) if one of them or I (Diane has complaints but never whines about anything) mumbled and groused about something.

“Whining is not attractive”

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There Be Dragons! (and other stories)

Yesterday I steam cleaned our Motorhome carpet(s). Today I needed to return the steam cleaner. When I went to the car I discovered that the passenger  side floor was soaked from the previous nights rain AGAIN. Sometimes problems come back and once again you find yourself in a not so pleasant situation. Seems to me that in the not too distant pass  I wrote something about this …and some other things as well. Might as well repost them all. 

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Who is Rescuing Who?

I can't remember the exact quote, but at the end of the movie Seabiscuit, there is a line something like this:

We may have saved a banged up life, but the truth is we found each other and he saved us. The truth is we may have saved each other.

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My Aunt Hazel

When I was young My Uncle Jonah taught me about raising apples, tobacco, peaches, grooming horses and the danger of electric fences. He tried, unsuccessfully, to teach me how to milk a cow. He gave Diane and I our very first Christmas Tree. My aunt Helen, Jonah’s wife, and Diane like each other very much.

All the members of the Parker family are very special to me. Which brings me to my Aunt Hazel.

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